Saturday, February 6, 2016

If you are a Barracuda Copy user, you should have received the letter below from them. Make sure your files are protected.

We are writing today to inform you that all Copy and CudaDrive services will soon be discontinued. You need to take action immediately to ensure you retain the files stored in Copy/CudaDrive.

As of May 1, 2016, you will no longer have access to the data stored in your account. Please sign in to your account and migrate your data (see our How-To Guide here) or save a copy of your files on your local computer before May 1, 2016. After May 1, 2016, data will no longer be retained in the system. Failure to migrate your data prior to May 1, 2016 may result in data loss.

For more information on the shutdown, including best practices on how to migrate your data, please click here.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter and thank you for being a customer.


The Copy & CudaDrive Team

Friday, February 5, 2016 Even More Useful, one of my favourite sites has become even more useful. Announced this week, you can now toggle between information on screen. Using the Ctrl-I (that is an “i”) , show the Name and FSID, Birth and Death years, and Birth location.

Basic Screen:



Birth place:

Log into and check it out.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

$100,000 at Stake

The Innovator Showdown at Rootstech 2016 is in the final stretch. The six finalists were revealed last night. 46 teams have gone through 3 rounds of judging and have been narrowed down to these 6.

Finalists Video Submission
Ancestor Cloud
Studio (by Legacy Republic)
Tap Genes
The History Project

Watch the live streaming at 10:30am (MST), on Friday, and vote for your favorite. 

Text your choice to 91011:

1 - Innovator A
2 - Innovator B
3 - Innovator C
4 - Innovator D
5 - Innovator E
6 - Innovator F

Use the hashtag #innovatorshowdown to send your impressions and remarks.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Family Tree Maker Options has announced two new options for Family Tree Maker users. The software will be acquired by Software MacKiev and RootsMagic will sync with by the end of 2016. Read the blog post from Ancestry at this link.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rootstech Streaming Schedule

The streaming schedule for Rootstech 2016 has been released. Several sessions, including the general keynote sessions on Thursday and Saturday will be streamed live. 

After the conference, these recordings will be available on the website for a limited time.

See the streaming schedule here for times, session titles, and presenter names.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Legacy Family Tree Resources

I have received a lot of questions in the last couple of weeks as to where to find information on Legacy Family Tree. Below are a few:

Start with the homepage -

There are a number of great training videos available at, some are free, most require the purchase of the CD's. I have found them well worth the price. (A secret – attend one of the webinars and these are often given away as door prizes and offer a 10% - 20% discount at the Legacy store.)

Speaking of webinars, checkout the Legacy webinars at, these are great and all are free if you register and attend during the actual presentation. Quite a few of them remain free, while most require a Webinar subscription, $49.95 annual or $9.95 monthly. Nice to be able to watch whenever you want to.

Overall information on how to use Legacy can be found at  

The support page,, offers a large number of categories to chose from:

Legacy News is also a good place to keep an eye on, check

Legacy also has its own Facebook page,

However, the best kept secret, and what I find to be a great resource for up-to-date information and fantastic assistance, is the Legacy User Group Facebook page,

Of course, don't forget about your local Legacy User Group, a list of them can be found at

Here in Mesa, we meet every second Thursday, at 6pm to 8pm (or whenever), at the LDS Chapel, 1415 E.Southern Ave. To get on our contact list send me an email and we will put you in the loop.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Legacy Family Tree User Group Meeting

The Mesa Legacy Family Tree User Group will be having their regularly scheduled meeting this Thursday at 6 pm. The meeting will be at is usual location, the LDS Chapel at 1415 E. Southern Ave

The main topic this month will be creating a new Legacy file from another source. e.g. Family Tree Maker.  

If you are a Family Tree Maker user considering Legacy this will  be a good meeting for you.

Questions, contact Richard Young at