Friday, February 18, 2011

Scanning a Irregular Picture

The picture below is of Joseph and Matilda Jensen, circa 1890. This is the classic picture, hand colored in a large format and mounted in a large oval frame. The inside diameter of the frame was 19 x 13 with bubble glass over the picture.

I was not able to remove the picture from the frame and the picture was pushed up in the center to touch the glass. The portion of the picture that shows Miltda’s face was not touching the glass and since the scanner's focal length is approximately 1/4", the scan here is not as sharp as it could be.

This took 16 scans, holding the scanner securely against the glass and moving it around the inside of the frame and across the top of the glass. As you can see I missed a couple of scans. All scans were done at 600 dpi.


I have only stitched the picture and reduced it so I could post this copy. The original stitched picture is 150 dpi. I still need to touch it up in Photoshop and rotate it.

Not a bad rendition of the original.We have a similar picture of the same couple and had it removed and scanned by a professional. It was well over $100.

The next time I am in Milton, Utah, I will do it again and get the rest of the picture.

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