Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RootsTech - Day -1

Stopped at Cabelas for an Elk burger on the way to SLC for early registration. That was the good part of the day. Got to SLC a little before 4pm, registration is open today 4pm to 8pm. Found our way up to the registration area and I was surprised at the number of people there.

There were 3 others in the line for the U-Z names, so I thought this shouldn't take long, 30 minutes later I finally got my registration. Each of the four of us had issues with registration. You would think an organization as smart as FamilySearch could nail registering. If tomorrow is anything like I saw today, it is going to be a nightmare up there. I'm glad my wonderful wife was willing to stop let me get my credentials.

To cap off the day, we got to Ogden where we are staying and the hotel room I booked is not the one I had thought I booked and those rooms are not available. The refrigerator is broken, they did bring us a working substitute until maintenance can come by tomorrow. Parking is even worse than it was last year, at least the parking lot elevator is working this time.

Well, there is always tomorrow and I am looking forward to a great conference.

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