Friday, August 30, 2013

No Family History Expo in 2014

Release posted to the FamilyHistoryExpos Blog this morning:

August 29th, 2013 

Family History Expos is supporting the RootsTech conference February 6-8, 2014. We are not holding our annual Expos in Mesa or St. George this coming year. We look forward to seeing you at RootsTech and some of our other events in 2014.

They are going to be sorely missed by our community. Yes, the FamilySearch Library does put on a nice conference in the fall, but it lacks the breadth and I believe, the vitality, of the FHExpo. For those of you who cannot afford the admission fee or travel expense for Rootstech, make sure you check out the Mesa FamilySearch Library's conference, Saturday, Oct 26. In fact, if you can afford to attend Rootstech, check out our local conference anyway. Get more information at

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