Monday, February 29, 2016

Rootstech 2016 - A Quick Overview III

Rootstech 2016 - A Quick Overview - part 3 of 4

Twile (
Build an online timeline of  your family history. Add milestones such as birth, marriage and death, add photos of your ancestors and your living relatives, share with your family to let them explore their ancestry. Quickly add family members and ancestors, invite family to view the tree and the timeline, click on anyone to see the timeline of their life.

Totally private - choose who can access your timeline.
Cost: Free

JRNL builds tools that will define the way people keep journals and the way families and friends collaborate to create a full record of life and meaningful events. As one journal that lives across your phone, tablet, and computer, JRNL allows users to write, collect, share and print meaningful data that can be preserved for future generations. Journaling cues are available as well as
Cost: Journaling is free, costs for printing hardcopy books.

Ancestorcloud (
AncestorCloud is a community that connects family researchers with willing helpers and professional genealogists.

Connect with helpers to pick up records, take local photographs, translate documents, help with research questions or conduct custom research.
Cost: Viewing and posting requests are free.

rootstrust (
rootstrust is an advanced data-management system programmed in Java to run equally well in the Windows, Mac OS, and Linux environments. It includes a separate database, which can be synced with the Cloud. The rootstrust system can be installed on your PC or be run with your database from a USB stick for maximum intersystem portability.
Cost: $45

Famicity (
Famicity allows you to preserve and enhance your family legacy, from your roots to your future. First, a member can create his family tree (step by step or via a Gedcom import), and invite his family members. Then, the family members will join him on the website and start gathering all the stories, albums or pictures they hold. Every profile on the tree has his own diary and can be enriched by any member of the family. But still, all this content is only shared with the people you let in. Famicity is not just about ancestors. Everyone can write, share, and preserve his own story. The goal is to create, all together, an amazing tool that will be used to keep and transmit family memories.
Cost: Free

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