Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rootstech 2016 - A Quick Overview - part 4 of 4

Rootstech 2016 - A Quick Overview IV

StoryWorth (www.storyworth.com)
After signing up, you invite others to tell their own stories. You select story prompts, with questions you would not have thought to ask, or write your own. Each week, your storyteller will be emailed one of the questions. Collecting these stories creates a private record of family memories. You can keep them on the site, or publish them in a book.
Cost: Annual $39 for own stories, $79 for up to 6 storytellers, $119 for up to 15 storytellers.

mycanvas (www.mycanvas.com)
Create photo books, collages, calendars, books, and posters. A number of tutorials are available.
Cost: Variable

The History Project (www.thehistoryproject.com)
The History Project lets you preserve history by creating personal timelines. Each timeline is called a Project.
Events are the moments that make up your project. Events contain images, audio, video, and text documents known as Artifacts.
Upload artifacts from your computer, record audio directly on The History Project site, or import files from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and elsewhere on the web. Each Artifact can contain a voice note , a description , location information , and tags .
You don’t have to make history alone. Invite friends to work on your project by clicking on the project then clicking invite collaborators.
Give Collaborators the ability to add Artifacts, Events, or both. It’s up to you.
Cost: Free, services available for a fee

The Family History Guide (www.thefhguide.com)
The Family History Guide is a free website with three basic purposes: 1) It gets people started with family history, helping them overcome the learning curve; 2) It provides Goals, Choices, Steps, and Resources for the learner in a sound instructional design, with opportunities to explore research around the world; and 3) It provides free training materials so instructors can implement effective training for groups, classes, and individuals.

Cost: Free

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