Current Presentations

Listed below are the current presentations that I have ready to go. All have been presented at one venue or another. 

If you have something special you would like to see, just let me know. If I don't have the expertise, I will recommend someone who does.

·         A Look at and its Hints
·         A Walk Thru Time – The US Federal Census Records
o   A look at the information gathered from 1790 thru 1950.
o   This is a 75 to 90 minute presentation
· – Starting a Family Tree
·         Android Smart Phones and Tablets - What is available?
·         Backup 101: Keeping your Family History safe
·         BillionGraves – Putting Headstones in the Clouds
·         BillionGraves and Find A Grave - Do I want to use both?
o   This is a 75 minute presentation
·         Blogging for Family History - Why and How
·         Facebook and Genealogy - How to setup and use.
·         Family History and Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...Really?
·         Family History Software - Which Flavor Do You Like?
o   A comparison of Legacy Family Tree, Rootsmagic, Ancestral Quest, and Family Tree Maker
o   This is one 120 minute presentation, or two 60 minute presentations
·         FamilySearch Family Tree and
o   Correlating information between your trees
·         FamilySearch Family Tree and Research Hints
·         Find A Grave – Collecting Headstones
·         Find A Grave – A Face Lift and a little reconstructive surgery for an old friend
·         Introduction to My Heritage
·         Legacy Family Tree – Various presentations, depending on need of audience
·         Organizing Genealogy on Your Computer
·         Photo Organization, using Meta Tags
·         Social Media Overview
o   A Look at the Social Media Revolution and How to Get Involved
·         Storing Family History Information in the Cloud
o   Protect your valuable Family History information and documents using Cloud Storage
o   2017 RootsTech presentation (revised 2014 presentation)
·         Twitter - Really? 280 characters or less?
·         US Census Terminology
o   Definitions of terminology used by the enumerators, e.g. Who is insane?

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