Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mesa Family History Expo - Day 2

Long day yesterday and today is not shaping up much better. In any case, I thought I had better get these notes from yesterday taken care of.

I realized this morning that I left the last presentation from Friday off the blog. It was Social Media - How New Technologies Increase Success.

I had to come back and add this, I almost forgot about it. This turned out to be a panel discussion with Holly, James Tanner, Biff Barnes, and myself. I briefly discussed the origination of this blog and blogging in general. James discussed blogs and showed us his daughters genealogy blog that was absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately I cannot locate the URL for it, when I get it again I will post it. He also did a very good discussion on Google+. Biff covered Twitter and its use in genealogy and did a great job.

Saturday started off with Rudy Morris and Making Grandma's Pictures Presentable. Rudy was using Adobe Photoshop Elements to enhance old photographs. Two good books were recommended for using Elements, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Classroom in a Book and Photoshop Elements for Dummies.

The second hour followed with Bivouac of the Dead - Military Cemeteries with William Atkinson. Interesting presentation. I had not realized that there are over 300 cemeteries worldwide that honor those that served our nation.

The last two sessions I spent listening to Geoff Rasmussen on Improving Your Use of New FamilySearch and an Insider's Guide to Legacy. Geoff discussed the ways Legacy can assist you with New FamilySearch and their tools for keeping your files in sync. Geoff reminded us to use standardized locations to keep our files in order. has a Standard Location lookup application if you want to keep your locations standardized with FamilySearch.

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