Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What Happened to the 2017 Innovation Showcase Winners? - Part 3

And second place went to …. QromaTag mobile app.

To quote the news release:

“Second Place Judges’ Choice ($44,000 cash and AWS credits), The Qroma tag mobile app for embedding stories into pictures, tagging them by voice commands, and making the data accessible on various platforms.”

Quoting the developer, Tony Knight:

“QromaTag is an iOS application that makes it easy to put the most important parts of a story into any photo in a way that will survive for generations. Using two voice recognition systems that work in tandem, QromaTag creates industry standard photo metadata based on what you tell it about your photos. Using natural language, tell us the date, location and people that are in the photo and QromaTag takes care of all the technical details and embeds that information into the photo. Because these tags are industry standard, they will work on any platform, any device or any web service today, tomorrow and long into the future. With QromaTag, you can attach a description of up to 2,000 characters to any photo, ensuring that your future generation will experience your story in a way the ‘back of the photo’ never could.”

QromaTag, as introduced at RootsTech 2017, created seven searchable EXIF and IPTP metadata tags. By importing your family tree, or contacts, QromaTag can tag any person in the photo just by saying the name. For more details on  QromaTag, see

What’s new?

QromaTag v2 and QromaScan v3, use voice recognition to describe photos with the simplicity of Natural Language Tagging. Using your voice, you describe what is happening in the picture. QromaScan automatically translates the sentence into the appropriate metadata tags. The example Tony showed me, and used on the website, is a picture of Tony’s mother and sister at the Eiffel Tower. After scanning he just described the picture:

“This is my mother and sister at the Eiffel Tower in the spring of 1974”

QromaScan, using the new Relations Manager, created the tags:

People: Susan Knight, Sally Knight
Date: April 1, 1974
Location: 5 Avenue Anatole France, Paris, lie-de-France, …
With a map showing the location.

With new Natural Language Tagging, I no longer need to worry if I am doing it correctly.

See this video for an example:

Both QromaTag v2 and QromaScan v3  (and the forthcoming QromaTag for Mac) use the same Natural Language tagging engine.  One is for converting print images and slides (QromaScan) and the other is for tagging existing digital images using your iPhone. (QromaTag)

What is coming? QromaTag for Mac is in the works, due in April of 2018. 

Tony is also working on an Android version.

BTW, how do you pronounce Qroma? Say “crow-ma”.

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