Friday, April 17, 2020

MyHeritage U.S. City Directories - New Discoveries

On April 13th, MyHeritage announced the release of their new collection of U.S. City Directories. A compilation of over 25,000 directories with more than 545 million records.

While this is a great compilation in and of itself, the functionality added by MyHeritage makes it even better.

Here is an example:

This screenshot shows the record for my great grandmother, Marie McMurdie (Anne Marie Marcusen):

The actual entry shows her and with her two adult sons at 802 Jefferson. (Leslie is my mother's father.)

This wasn't unexpected. She actually divorced Thomas on 24 Apr 1914. So living with her two adult sons would not be unusual. So what is cool? 

MyHeritage has included a link to "See who else lived at this address".  I clicked this link, just to check in out. What did I find? That her future husband, Charles Crager was living there as a boarder:

Interesting information and it just enriches my family history. Charles and Marie married on 5 Jun 1915. 

When you find ancestors in the MyHeritage City Directories, don't forget to click the "See who else lived at this address" link. You may be surprised at what you learn. 

MyHeritage has said they will be updating this collection soon to include pre-1860 directories plus a unique set of directories published after 1960.

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