Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mesa Family History Expo - Day 1

A great day yesterday. A few take aways from the conference:

It started with Arlene Eakle's excellent keynote.
Brick walls -
1. Organize your information both offline and online - this makes you analyze it once again
2. Searches are often incomplete, we are not looking at enough records. We tend to daisy pick our searches.

Tombstones can often reveal the background of the person. Different nationalities and religions had traditions for headstones.

Second was the demo by DNA Consultants presented by Dr. Yates.

They recommend autosomal testing, it is a non-sexed link look at your DNA. Their testing includes 18 distinct markers for specific backgrounds, such as Native American. Check

Third was The FamilySearch Wiki by James Tanner.

For some reason the wiki and forums are well hidden on the website. An easy to way to get to the wiki is to go to the record collections on and click on Learn More. This will help you know the reliability of the information and additional information on the collection. A direct link to the wiki is here.

Forth was Immigration: The Journey to America by Shirley Hodges.

Albion's Seed - Four British Folkways in America - David Fisher

Less the 20% of people in the US, today, have British ancestry. This presentation was so interesting I stopped taking notes.

Now back to the conference.

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